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Commencement of Blog Posting

Greetings to all, thank you for visiting Cedar Hill Psychiatry's website! I thought it'd be a good time to bring everyone up to speed and take a look at the future.

Medicine is a constantly growing and shifting landscape of knowledge and understanding. More specifically, there's still so much for us to learn about the brain, how it all works, and how it even applies into our daily lives. That being said, it is my intention to repost useful articles I find that pertain to said subject. I believe that doing so would allow all individuals to learn and benefit from the shared knowledge.

Each week, I plan to post at least one article that will help you apply new skills into your life and/or allow you to have a better understanding of your own mental health. While I may offer my own expertise and comments, one must learn and discuss how best it fits into your own life. From diet to exercise, to neurochemistry and to relationship-building, all of these elements play important roles in our lives and allow us to expand our understanding of ourselves. While medication and therapy are integral to maintaining our mental health, discussion and science also get us in the right mindset to tackle our biggest challenges.

You're not alone in your quest to a happy and healthy life; let us support one another through knowledge and growth!

- K. Michael Saliba, MD

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