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Simple Technique to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent conditions in the United States, affecting about 18.1% of the adult population every year. For many, it is a devastating condition that affects every aspect of their life. From missing school to missing work, to isolation and poor physical health, anxiety is often the culprit. Anxiety disorders come in different shapes and are on a continuum of severity. Severe anxiety and panic attacks, more often than not, will need pharmaceutical interventions. However, milder forms of anxiety can be resolved by using non pharmacological means.

Finding ways to manage our stress and anxiety is less complicated than we think. Before jumping the gun on trying medications or a complete overhaul of our daily routines, try this simple technique as proposed by's contributor, Minda Zetlin.

It is a simple three-step process that you can master in minutes!

  1. Choose a Word You Like

  2. Choose a Relaxation Technique You're Akin To

  3. Repeat the Sequence and Association Before Shortening It.

The article gives an in-depth explanation of each step and how it will help make your anxiety more manageable with repetition and thoughtfulness to this practice. A lot of what helps us calm our overthinking, overstimulated brains is tricking or rather taking control of our bodies. Our breathing and heart rate is one of the key components here, and if we're able to lower our heart rate, we can become more in-tune to our thoughts and to our own environment, giving us greater control of our lives!

So if you're anxious or you find yourself in a funk; don't fret! Try this technique first before making any decision.

To read more in-depth about this relaxation strategy, clink the link here:

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